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Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie (in computer technology) is a small piece of data (information) sent from a website and stored inside a user's web browser settings, while a user is browsing a website.

When that user browses that same website in the future, the data which is stored in the browser settings (the cookie) can be retrieved by the website to notify and update the website of the user's previous activity and preferences, and by doing so - distinguishing the user from other users in the website at that time.

Additional information about cookies and how to manage them can be found at: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/


About EU Cookie Law

The EU e-Privacy Directive (2012) requires that all websites which provide services to users from inside of the European Union to receive informed approval from their website visitors of the cookies usage upon reaching to the website. In Kissmetic, this regulation is implemented by a special message (pop-up) which appear upon the browser screen once reaching to Kissmetic website from within the EU.


Cookies in use at Kissmetic websites

Kissmetic, just like most e-commerce websites, uses cookies to store information about your visit in our website, that we can access when you return and visit our website in future.

These cookies help us to improve our website for you and deliver a much better and more personalised service – for your convenience.

They enable us to:

  • Recognize our visitors when they return to our website.
  • Better understanding our users pattern and preferences.
  • Better customize our website according to our visitors preferences.
  • Allow our visitors a faster search capabilities.

We might collect some general information about your computer, including your IP address availability, the operating system in use and your browser type, to our advertisers & system information. This information type is statistical data about some of our website users' browsing actions & patterns. This information doesn’t and can’t identify any individual customer.

Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions policy  - Link.


The cookies that we use in our website can be categorised as:


Cookies necessary for website operation

Several cookies that are generated by Kissmetic are required for essential functionality of our website. Those record contains your shopping cart & your technical browser session. These cookies are essential for the basic operation of the website.


Cookies which are performance related

In Kissmetic, we use Google Analytics services to record some key preferences; navigation paths, page views & additional details about your visit in order to improve our website operations.

In order to not be tracked by this service, please install the browser plugin available at:



Cookies which are functionality related

This type of cookies record some minor pieces of information about your interaction with Kissmetic website, such as your language, country, currency and the source of reaching to Kissmetic. By using this cookie type we can better personalize and adjust your needs for a better browsing experience.


Cookies which are advertising related

On the advertisement filed, Kissmetic is working with several companies (third-party) in order to advertise our activity more efficiently.

Additionally, we are using several social media platforms in order to better communicate with our customers and allow them to share their experience and activity with Kissmetic websites.

Those social media platforms uses cookies in order to verify your connectivity to Kissmetic websites and fulfill your activities taken while browsing Kissmetic websites.

You can disable those tracking by using the following tools:




You have the full right to deny our cookies usage (by following the actions mentioned on the previous steps) but please keep in mind that once our cookies are denied or deleted – you might no be able to access & use several areas and features in Kissmetic websites.